Rage Effect
$RGE Token
Rage Effect's native token, $RGE, serves as the ecosystem's foundation.
$RGE holders will be able to claim rewards upon staking their token, playing and winning PVP battles, achieving seasonal top rankings, and participating in key governance votes.
Players get $RGE by buying it on DEXs, opening loot boxes, winning battles and matches, or hosting games in Battle Arenas.
We have used some of $RGE's functionalities in the game, such as:
  • crafting and enhancing weapon properties (skins, grips, sights, etc.)
  • used to enter Battle Royale Seasons
  • earn $RGE tokens after playing each game
  • earn $RGE tokens as bonuses respective to in-game performances and daily rewards
  • used in Major Tournaments (Clan vs Clan).
  • get rewards for actively participating in the game ecosystem
  • DeFi Staking to earn staking incentives as a percentage of game revenue given out as rewards.
  • other in-game activities
Our goal is to establish a governance mechanism that is visible, intuitive, and rational, ensuring that no single individual or organisation can control the Rage Effect ecosystem or network. We're working nonstop to come up with the correct rules and methods for such a groundbreaking yet critical governance system. We work constantly to identify the correct rules and processes to build a groundbreaking yet critical governance system.
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