Rage Effect

Project Collection

We have implemented three types of NFTs in our project:
Game-Asset NFT:
Rage Effect will have weapons, their skins, crafting accessories, emotes, vehicles and their skins as NFTs. Once purchased from the marketplace, the game reads them from a player’s wallet and gives players the choice to enable them through Workshop and Pause-Game-Menu (for Emotes).
Weapon Skins are categorised into Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic.
Collectible NFTs:
Think of these as trading cards, or simply exclusive game artwork for each season. When a user clicks on ‘claim’, the token mints into a player’s wallet. The maximum supply of each collectible NFT is 500. There are a total of 4 collectible NFTs in each map. The NFT has a probability function attached to it, giving the average probability of finding it in each round to be 8%.