Rage Effect

Rage Guilds

This system allows players to create or joins guilds in-game, which we believe increases the competitiveness, immersion, and engagement of Rage Effect.
Each guild has three designations: Leaders, Officers, and Members.
Commanders from the top guilds will have higher vote powers in Rage Effect DAO and will have access to exclusive Rage Effect Content, same as rare NFT Hodlers do.
Rage Guilds can own Battle Arenas which, as they get bigger, can be upgraded. Guilds might have access to extra quests, such as time-limited events, battles, and missions that are not otherwise accessible.
  • Guild Score
  • Guild Ranking
  • Invite Players
  • Request membership
  • Guild Tag in Player Name
  • Kick Members
  • Ascend or Descend members
  • Guild Description
  • Public or Private Guild
  • Invitations by Leader or Members