Rage Effect


We will have a large range of cosmetic NFTs available. These NFTs can't be lost in-game, and they can only be traded on third-party marketplaces. Exclusive skins, camouflages, vehicle and weapon decorations, as well as badges and other accessories.
There will be a variety of cosmetic NFTs available that will have no effect on gameplay:
  • Representative badges
  • In-game Easter Eggs
  • Trophy: Top 3 players at the top of monthly leaderboards will be awarded a collectible NFT each
Regardless, NFT game-assets will be a big aspect of the Rage Effect experience; they will have to be bought in the marketplace. There will be a variety of NFTs that have a direct impact on gameplay:
  • Weapons and their crafting
  • Weapon, player and vehicle skins
  • Armours
  • Vehicles like cars, planes and helicopters
  • Many more..
Players can purchase and choose which assets they wish to play with before a match through Customizer, Operators, and Loadout. The player's spawn zone serves as a channel via which assets can be fitted safely without being looted by other players.
NOTE: All of a player's equipped assets will be left on the ground if he/she dies in-game. Other players have the ability to loot those assets. However, NFT assets cannot be looted.