Rage Effect

Our Vision

Our vision in implementing this project was to be among the very first to spark the blockchain-gaming revolution to ‘mainstream’ games. Current blockchain games may seem too complex and thus, unwelcome, in their play-and-earn methods to beginners joining this space. Some of these methods include joining metaverses, downloading wallets for each game, staking particular coins before-hand, joining multiple DAOs and going through multiple stages before being able to play the game, which requires a steep learning curve for beginners joining this space. This motivated us to create a user-friendly way of utilising the applications of NFTs in Rage Effect, especially for gamers used to playing popular games such as ‘Battlefield’ or ‘Call of Duty’.
We see ourselves becoming the go-to Play-and-Earn FPS game on the blockchain, endorsing eSports athletes and famous celebrity-Twitch streamers, and having constant world-wide tournaments with great rewards for the community.
Rage Effect is built to appeal to both worlds: the pure gaming and competitive side of finding the best strategy, team, and climbing the leaderboards to win tournaments, as well as the blockchain-powered decentralised environment in which players' actions shape the game's evolution.
The terms blockchain gaming and first-person shooter rarely go together. We have combined these elements in a free-to-play play-and-earn game that allows players to earn, spend, and even gamble with their $RGE tokens. Players can also buy, collect and use NFTs to better their gaming experience. Gamers may customize their characters, weapons, and loadouts, giving them complete control over their experience.
Games are very important to us. That is why the Rage Effect environment is being created. We believe it will have a long-term positive impact on the gaming industry resulting in better business models for developers, fresh game designs for players, and community economics that serve everyone well. As a result, rather than pursuing any type of short-term financial gain, we're committed to growing this long-term using the correct technology and infrastructure for the platform and community.