Rage Effect

Our Values

Goldon Studios is a socially responsible game studio, hailing from rural India, dedicated to creating innovative and engaging games that provide the best gaming experience possible for each individual. We have been granted a Program License which allows us to not only assist our players in balancing their daily health and video gaming habits, but also to assist them in setting both short and long-term goals relating to our specific games, ensuring each player has a clear purpose, goals, and intentions playing their games in particular while maintaining good control of their gaming habits, health, and well-being.
We have combined the best of online gaming with blockchain technology. We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists with expertise in blockchain technology, game design, and development.
We believe in creating high-production-value gaming experiences that run on the Unity engine and can be played on both desktop and mobile devices. We believe that games are an important element in our life as they allow individuals and society to nurture and find hidden qualities that would otherwise be limited or impossible to find. We aspire to build a gaming environment that has a long-term impact on people's lives by inspiring leadership, teamwork, and creative thinking.
Since our inception on Android in 2020, we have strived to be community-driven and have updated our (non-blockchain) game according to community and user feedback. We value community input and will involve it as much as possible in the game's development and direction, which we feel will result in the best possible user experience.