Rage Effect
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The Goldon Metaverse

The vision is to create a collection of shared online worlds in which physical, augmented, and virtual reality can converge. People can hang out with friends, visit places, play mini-games together, buy Rage Effect NFT goods, attend events, etc.
The Goldon Metaverse will be divided into subterranean land plots, each containing a central zone and surrounding outer regions. Plots of land nearer to the core zones will be worth more. Land in central Goldon will be very limited.
Rage Guilds would be allowed to open job boards, stores, crafting stations, and more in their Battle Arenas. The land will see a boost in foot traffic from players who might want to connect with those shops or crafting stations thanks to the presence of a sizable active guild in a prominent location in the Goldon Metaverse. The more contact and traffic the guild receives, the more commissions it earns overall, the more it grows, and the more benefits are added.
By levelling-up the Battle Arenas (lands) in the Metaverse, holders could gain access to certain exclusive activities and events. Rage Guilds would have access to extra quests, such as time-sensitive events, battles, and missions that would not otherwise be available.
All assets and experiences in the metaverse can be used for advertising purposes. Examples include sponsored music, advertised walls, sponsored Battle Arenas and Rage Effect headquarters lit up with custom lighting similar to Burj Khalifa advertising. The revenue generated via advertising will be distributed to the community, in proportion to the percentage of their ownership value.
We plan to launch the Goldon Metaverse in Q1 2024.